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1st of September

16.00 Doors Open

17.00 Koami Art Festival Opening

17.30 - 18:30 Live Talks

19.00 Panel of knowledge

21.00 Live on stage: Jaguair


A two day festival exploring the digitalisation of the art industry

What happens when the art market is automated? When AI becomes more creative than humans. Where the value of an artwork can multiply a thousandfold in a day and then lose its value again. And what happens to all the art created before NFTs existed?

The Artists

Explore amazing artworks by

Lena Trapp & David Bramham, Anna Lucia, Per Kristian Stoveland, Alida Sun, Kjetil Golid, Thomas Lin Pedersen, Snowfro, Tengil, Ben Baker, Sara-Lo af Ekenstam, Vebjørn Isaksen, Jonny Baho, JMY, Jamie Reyes, Darien Brito, Jenslabs, Olov Redmalm, Code-X-Diagrams, Jonathan Fernström

Koami Talks

Listen to inspiring talks about art and tech!

Martin Zeilinger - Art in Metaverses.
Merima Bruncevic -  AI and Art.
Daniela Gandorfer - NFT Case Study: Breath for Sale.
Live on stage


2nd of September 2023
11:00 - 17:00

Koami Exhibition

Visit the Koami Art Festival during Ö-festen, a one-day festival that offers the best subculture in Gothenburg.
Stenkolsgatan 5, Gothenburg, Sweden

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