Sara-Lo af Ekenstam

Sara-Lo af Ekenstam is an artist living and working in Gothenburg, educated at the University of Design and Crafts HDK. 

In her practice she works cross-boundary between different fields and artistic expressions. 
During the years 2014-2022, Sara-Lo has run the pop-up Gallery Hemma Hos in her apartment, with both established and up and coming artists from all over the Nordics.

So what is Hemma Hos? It's a pop-up gallery for a day in my apartment, Sara-Lo af Ekenstam. 

What happens when you, as an exhibitor, have to deal with someone's home? Is art made for a gallery cabinet or for an art gallery, a public space? I hope that by inviting artists to exhibit in my home can create interesting meetings and awake curiosity and conversations about art.

Sara-Lo af Ekenstam

Working across borders between different fields and artistic expressions, Sara-Lo uses natural phenomena and various materials and their properties as metaphors for psychological and social processes. The forces and movement of the city and nature are circumstances that we humans relate to, live in, shape, and adapt to.