Jesper Norda

Jesper Norda (b. 1972) lives and works on Orust.

Jesper Norda works mostly with time-based art: audio and video works, but also with installations, text, photography, sound design and music.

A recurring theme in his work is a constant questioning of the borderlines between sound and silence. Through subtle, sudden changes in sound or narration, his work often functions as a means for concentrated emotional experiences; of change, of increased sense of presence. Or its opposite – a shift from the present towards the viewer’s/listener’s own register of memories. 

He holds an MFA from Valand Academy of Fine Arts as well as an MFA in musical interpretation and research from The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. As a teacher, he is working at HDK-Valand where he holds a position as lecturer/assistant professor in Design. 

In recent years he has participated in exhibitions at Gothenburg Art Museum, Vita Kuben/Norrlandsoperan, New Media Gallery Vancouver, Konstepidemin Gothenburg, Skövde Art Museum, Karlskrona Konsthall,  Kalmar Art Museum,  Culturehub NYC, Vandalorum Värnamo. Jesper is represented in several public collections, including the Gothenburg Art Museum, Skövde Art Museum and Kalmar Art Museum.


Animation: Silent Structures (#1648-1659 & #1684-1695)

The images that I use in the series Animation: Silent Structures are created by using a digital animation tool. I have made a script that creates an infinite movement: a lightning strike that keeps trembling, 25 images per second within an infinite time span. The colors are inverted.

I use this series in different projects, cutting out a number of images of the infinite sequence, how many depends of the nature of the project. 

To this date, the projects consists of these versions:

Animation: Silent Structures (frame 1-999) (artist book, digital print on paper. Edition 1/1.)
Animation: Silent Structures (digital edition: frame 1000-1599)
Animation: Silent Structures (eight frames 1600-1707) (digital print on film, framed between UV-glass.)
Animation: Silent Structures (cover image: Allt är kvar, 1708) (book cover, offset print)
Animation: Silent Structures (bookmarks: Allt är kvar, 1709-2008) (digital print on archival paper)

I like the idea of keeping an eternal lightning in my computer, and I like to print some of them every now and then. Sometimes (like in the images you see here at Koami) I print them on transparent paper, and lay them on top of each other. Playing with the images in this way the image of the lightning maybe starts to look like something else.