Generative Art Book Project

JMY's next project builds upon his previous releases and the algorithm Gravity. We're working on a kind of odd type of release. Idea so far:

  1. Release 1500 unique books
  2. Distribitue the books all over the world
  3. The holder of the book (which is free) can claim the cover artwork (as an NFT)

What has evolved since last release? So far there are a few new concepts:

  1. A new ratio. All previous releases has been in a square format 1:1. This time a portrait / landscape (and maybe also square) format might be used.
  2. A new drawing technique. Instead of putting down the pen on randomly new positions on the canvas, another techique is explored, to place the pen along a line over the canvas and let it start drawing from each point on the line. Then adding more lines to draw from. This adds a little bit of a brush effect and reveals the gravity field by only draw a few lines. It also adds more of an analog and sketchy feeling to the artwork.
  3. A new palette system. Enabling the possiblity to create a palette by tween the values hue, saturation and brightness over a timeline. Each node in the gravity field is connected to a point on the timeline.
  4. A second gravity field disturbing the main gravity field.

If you want to learn more about the algorithm you can read the following articles:

  1. The story about Gravity 12
  2. The story about Gravity 16

Changing the direction slightly.

A new palette system