Digitala Ö-festen

Latest version: meta.koami.art


Ringön is an outstanding neighbourhood in Gothenburg that overflows with live music, art, creatives, fantastic eateries and breweries. There are also specialist shops and craftsmen to be found here. But if you don’t know what’s going on, the whole Ringön can feel like a grey and dull industrial area. Therefore Ringön Meta came to life, a place where we help you find out about everything that’s happening in Ringön. 


– Build the whole Island.

– Open up galleries to explore and buy art.

– Open up stages for live concerts and events.

– Get stores in where you can shop virtual & physical items.

– Go live during Ö-festen 2023!


May 2023

We have made some major breakthroughs!

– A new version of Ringön is implemented

– A new version of Koami Art Gallery is implemented

– Live streaming is working which is enabling live concerts

– We have a 360 dome for enhanced experiences

– Open Air Cinema installed

February 2023

Starting up phase 2, to build a digital twin of Ö-festen on Ringön, Gothenburg. To be launched in August 2023

November 2022

Yeay, we have a first pilot version up! Try it out at: meta.koami.art

October 2022

We have started building a first pilot. It will be a smaller area of Ringön to explore and also the Koami gallery where we will have exhibitions.

September 2022

During September we have looked into different online plattforms to see if we can find one with the following requirements:

– Mobile! Work on a mobile device.

– No plugins!

– Speed! No heavy loading.

– Social! Multiplayer & chat possibilites

– Scalable! Build the world, step by step.

We found the platform Hiber, which we now are trying out and it looks promising!

August 2022

The city of Gothenburg are making a digital twin of the city. Koami is invited to find a solution to make it available for a broader audience. And that is what we love to do!

The inspirational video is produced by Zoan on behalf of Göteborg & Co. Art by JMY.

Ringön Meta Logotype

Work in progress of Ringön metaverse.

First test of recreating Ringön in Metaverse.

Manhattan Ringön

The vision for the Gothenburg Twin